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  • Clyde the chameleon - February 11, 2020

    Here’s My (Clyde’s) story!
    One cool day Colette had just arrived in Wenatchee Washington for a ski trip. Her family was meeting another family for a ski weekend. The other family wasn’t there yet, so Colette and her family walked around downtown Wenatchee. They stopped at many stores until Colette found a little boutique. They walked in and were greeted with a whiff of homemade fudge. Colette really wanted some, but her mom denied. Colette walked to the back of the store to the baby section. In that section there were plushies, clothes, and blankets. She spotted me and instantly fell in love. Her mom took me off the shelf and then left to go to the furniture section. Colette found a blanket with a bunny face that she also loved! But her mom said she could only get one. She was disappointed. Colette sat there for around 45 minutes until her mom told her we needed to leave right away. In a rush Colette dropped the blanket and ran to the cashier to pay for me. Thank goodness she chose me! ❤️

  • Elianna - February 11, 2020

    Plushie wear is absolutely the best place to adopt an adorable plush! I adopted a sweet plush kitty named Taffy who travels everywhere with me! She’s so well behaved and makes me feel safeZ

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