Froggie's Favorites

Froggie's Favorites Finally!!!!! I now have my own group of fun things here on Plushie Wear!!! And wait until you see what it's about!! 

Each Friyay, we will be hosting Froggie Friyay at Plushie Wear! Be sure to follow along on IG (plushiewear) to be involved in all the fun! 

We have also brought back a beary limited number of special adoptables!! There will only be a limited number! As we travel the world, we will have special babies from the places we visit! Just think, you could adopt babies from all over the US!!!! How beary exciting! All the babies will be rescued and given spa treatments just like before! 

My page is all about the letter F:

FROGGIE, FRIENDS, FUN, FRIYAY & FIESTA!!! And anything else I determine to be "FANTASTIC"!!!  How cool is that? Check out all the FUN!!!! Especially on Friyays!!! After all, that's the bestest day ever!!!!