Story of Plushie Wear!

Hi everyone.  Twin brothers, Froggie and Gator here!  Bet you are wondering how a frog and a gator can create something so amazing, huh?  Here's our story.....

 Back in late 2017, we asked our hooman, Mommy, to help us start an Instagram account.  She acted like we were crazy!  What?!?  We wanted to connect with other plushies and hoomans around the world.  And connect we did!  

 As our friendships grew with all our new plushie friends, we realized all plushies had a common challenge: finding cool clothes customized just for us.  All plushies deserve to have special clothes to make them feel alive! 

 As our follower count and our new friendships continued to grow, we again went to our hooman, Mommy.  "We want to help our plushie friends be super, duper cool in clothes the plushies help design!"  Blank stare from our hooman! 

 She thought about it and told us if we worked hard, and did the work ourselves, we could start a Plushie specialty shop when we hit 1500 followers!!!!  And guess what??  Thanks to all our friends, we hit the magic number and we continue to make new friends!  Plushie Wear was born and this is just the beginning!

We help plushies by designing and creating custom shirts and hoodies!  Currently offering our one of a kind hand-colored Gatorgalactic shirts with custom designs! But that's not addition, we create our own shirt designs with our friends in mind!  And more.....we have a special section of our shop selling plushie resale clothing.  After all, plushies are pretty careful with our clothes and they don't wear out too often!  We are like personal shoppers for plushies!!!  

 We are the first to start an Adoptable Plushie Wear Rescue!  We rescue plushies who are abandoned, abused, mistreated, in need of medical attention and often times lonely.  We take them in here at Plushie Wear Ranch, give them a full Spa Treatment and Medical Evaluation, offering medical attention when needed, before helping to find them loving homes.  There is a small "adoption" fee to pay and shipping costs to get the rescued plushie to the adopted family. We have literally rescued hundreds of plushies in a short time!  And we will continue to rescue!!!  We also take donations of plushies who need help finding homes.  

Plushie Wear continues to grow.  Many of our plushies friends have gone missing when out with their families.  Our heart breaks every time we hear of another lost plushie.  We now have a program, Plushie Wear ID to help families.  We are selling ID tags to affix to your plushie with an ID number.  Each registered plushie will have a unique ID number.  Our Plushie Wear ID registry will hold all the contact information for the family in a secure location, in case of plushie emergency.  In today’s world, people are concerned about putting their personal information on a tag for all to see.  The Plushie Wear ID tag will have contact information leading directly to us.  Plushie Wear will then be able to contact the family to determine the best means of having the plushie returned.  The family may maintain total privacy by allowing Plushie Wear to handle the recovery mission.  In the near future, all PW adoptables will have an option to come with Plushie Wear ID tags!!!

 One other exciting mention!  A portion of the proceeds for Plushie Wear and Plushie Wear Rescue / Adoptables goes directly to help a plushie-supported charity or a plushie family in need.  If you have a plushie-supported charity you would like us to consider, please email us at  We are committed to helping plushies!!!  PLUSHIES HELPING PLUSHIES!!!!