Plushie Wear Plushie Care

Plushie Wear believes in helping others. Beyond saving abandoned plushies for adoption, we truly believe we all have a part in helping those in need. Plushies helping plushies AND plushies helping hoomans!

Our Plushie Wear Plushie Care program allows us all to be a part of that mission! Plushie Wear family works together to send care packages to those who need extra plushie love!  Each package is individually designed for the recipient. Plushie Wear puts the packages together, including an adoptable plushie and personalized T-shirt and will handle all the shipping for the care packages. We ARE NOT a charitable organization, but if you would like to donate toward shipping of Plushie Wear Plushie Care packages, you may do so!  Who better to help lift spirits than our Plushie friends?

How can you help?  When we announce a new recipient, we ask our friends to send a letter/postcard/small package of gifts to us at Plushie Wear (address below).  We put them all together to form a big care package guaranteed to bring a smile!! 

Our program has been very successful thanks to all our Plushie Wear family members!  If you have someone in mind to nominate for a Plushie Wear Plushie Care Package, please email us.  We will be happy to consider all nominees!!!  

Thanks for supporting our efforts to help others!!!!

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Recipient Information:

Update:  A package was send out to this dear family on December 20th.  They received it just in time for Christmas on December 24th!!  We will post any updates we hear from the family!! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

A dear friend of a Plushie Wear family is our next PWPC recipient.   Oct. 15, 2018, Baby Leo was born to parents Danielle and Josh, joining his brothers Loukas (3) and Axel (1).  During Baby Leo's birth, mommy had issues with administered pain management.  Everything seems to be good.  A week later, Oct 21st, Danielle was found unconscious, unresponsive and barely hanging on.  Danielle had to undergo surgery to help brain swelling, bleeding and stroke.  Currently, Danielle is still in the hospital struggling for her life.  She is SLOWLY making slight progress.  She is able to eat only a small bit.  She does not have use of the right side of her body, but can do some things with her left side.  She is also starting to barely vocalize-hoping this will lead to more simple words in the future.  The family is looking into another hospital, located 7 hours away, to help with brain injury rehab.  The money aspect is uncertain.  This is especially true since Danielle was the primary worker, teaching Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Anatomy / Physiology, and working on her PhD in STEM curriculum and instruction.

The boys are not allowed to see their mommy in the hospital, but the family was able to bring mommy out to see them.  Sadly, Baby Leo only got a week with mommy before all this happened!  And the other two are quite young to understand it all!

If we can together offer well wishes, letters of encouragement and give the boys some love this Christmas, it will be a blessing.  Our plan is to send a box of "goodies" to each of the boys and another to Danielle and Josh.  

Items recommended for the boys: 

Loukas, 3 year old: Size 4T/5T clothes, shoe 11/12, Loves all superheroes (Captain America is favorite) Legos, PlayDough, Books, Stocking Stuffers appropriately aged

Axel, 1 year old:  Size 2T, PlayDough, Books, Stocking Stuffers appropriately aged

Baby Leo: 6 weeks old: small baby clothing  (Note:  Diapers and Wipes are not currently needed)

Danielle / Josh:  Gift Certificates to stores with baby / kids clothing (ie Target, Walmart), Gift Certificates for Food Establishments to take boys (ie Chick-fil-A, fast food), ITunes / Apple Store Gift Card (Danielles will be using an IPad for Therapy)

*****Please be sure to note!!  Nut / Peanut Allergy in family!!!!!!! *****

You may also donate and we at Plushie Wear will be going to purchase items for Care Packages.  All donated funds will go directly toward Care Packages and Shipping.

Send items to:

Plushie Wear 475 E. Main Street #322, Cartersville, Georgia  30121

Package will be sent around Dec 20, 2018!!  Please get your cards and donations in and lets bring a smile to this family!!