Plushie Wear Plushie Care

Plushie Wear believes in helping others. Beyond our every day deeds of kindness, we truly believe we all have a part in helping those in need. Plushies helping plushies AND plushies helping hoomans!

Our Plushie Wear Plushie Care program allows us all to be a part of that mission, as a team! Our Plushie Wear family works together to send care packages to those who need extra plushie love!  Each package is individually designed for the recipient. Plushie Wear puts the packages together, including items customized to the recipient and handles all the shipping for the care packages. We ARE NOT a charitable organization, but if you would like to donate toward shipping of Plushie Wear Plushie Care packages, you may do so!  Who better to help lift spirits than our Plushie friends?

How can you help?  When we announce a new recipient, we ask our friends to send a letter/postcard/small package of gifts to us at Plushie Wear (address below).  We put them all together to form a big care package guaranteed to bring a smile!! Our Kindness Counts clothing line also helps fund our efforts! A portion of each sale of our Kindness Counts products, will go directly to the Plushie Wear Plushie Care Fund!! 

Our program has been very successful thanks to all our Plushie Wear family members!  If you have someone in mind to nominate for a Plushie Wear Plushie Care Package, please email us at  We will be happy to consider all nominees!!!  

Thanks for supporting our efforts to help others!!!!

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Recipient Information:

See our latest Instagram post for the new Plushie Wear Plushie Care Package Recipient!!!  Or send a message for an update!!!


Send items to:

Plushie Wear 10101 Highland Meadow Circle, Parker, CO 80134