Tator Tot's Toybox

Hiya new friends!! My name is Tator Tot! I joined the Plushie Wear Rescue Squad not long ago when Tipsy and Tab rescued me from a lonely life in the Colorado prairies. Even though I love the snow, I love my new family much better! 

I have also found I LOVE playing with toys! Tipsy and Tab are silly and they now call me a "toyista"! I think that's a plushie's way of saying I am obsessed with toys!

All the other members of Plushie Wear seem to be working on this shop! They said I could join in and host my own toy page!! How's that for a recently rescued prairie dog? Any one else in our Plushie Wear family who loves toys as much as I do? If so, then take a look on my page! And keep checking back! I will be on here adding things quite often! After all, I am the cutest Toyista around!

Cuddles to you, Tator Tot