Glyde, Stingray

Plushie Wear

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Glyde is gorgeous!  With the stunning dark and light difference, the colors really stand out! Add in the blue eyes, and what a beauty!

Glyde, of course, loves water! Loves to go to the beach or just take a bath!  Be careful when you wash dishes or you could end up with this baby in the sink!  (Hint:  it has happened more than once here at Plushie Wear Ranch!)  Glyde also loves to play hide and seek! And pretty good at it since the flatness of a stingray's body makes it easy to hide! 

Would you like to give Glyde a chance to be loved?  We love Glyde!  We know you would too!

Glyde is approx 13 1/2" long & approx 16 1/2" wide. 

*Please note:  "Adoptable Plushies" are not new. All have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have been given spa treatment in preparation for their new home.  Sizes vary and shipping can vary.  Combining clothing purchases and adoptables or multiple items of clothing can save on shipping charges.  If mailing overseas, recipient takes responsibility for any charges, taxes, and custom fees.