Igson, Ty Beanie Babies

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Igson is a rainbow colored beanie baby! Charmeleon, iguana, lizard....you can call him what you desire!  The truth is in his personality! Bubbly and full of energy! Igson was placed on a shelf for many years and forgotten.  Finally to be tossed in a bag to be donated to who knows where.  The Plushie Wear Rescue Squad stepped in and asked for the rights to Igson and the other in the bag destined for despair.  Luckily, we saved them all!!!!!

Now we want to help Igson find someone who would like to play games.  Run in the lawn! Lay in the sun! And share a milkshake! Anything is better than an empty shelf without love and a bag destined for despair!!!!  Can you help Igson see how much fun life is meant to be? 

 *Please note:  "Adoptable Plushies" are not new. All have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have been given spa treatment in preparation for their new home.  Sizes vary and shipping can vary.  Combining clothing purchases and adoptables or multiple items of clothing can save on shipping charges.  If mailing overseas, recipient takes responsibility for any charges, taxes, and custom fees.