Loosa, Blue & Purple Owl

Plushie Wear

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Loosa is a beautiful blue & purple colored owl made by Ty.  She has a bubbly  personality!!!   She is polite and smart and loves people!  

When we rescued Loosa, she told us all about her past life.  She lived a lonely life without plushie siblings and she was basically ignored by her past family.  She decided to leave in search of better opportunities in life!!  She ended up here at Plushie Wear Ranch and has been such a joy to have here!  She is great to play with the other plushies!  

Loosa has discovered she loves to read.  She also loves to draw and color!  She is a very organized plushie who likes to keep things neat and tidy!

Loosa's favorite food is macaroni and cheese with extra cheese!!!  Yum!!!

Loosa is approx 6" tall.

*Please note:  "Adoptable Plushies" are not new. All have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have been given spa treatment in preparation for their new home.  Sizes vary and shipping can vary.  Combining clothing purchases and adoptables  or multiple items of clothing can save on shipping charges.  Contact us for details before purchasing to save.  If mailing overseas, recipient takes responsibility for any charges, taxes, and custom fees.