Poochie, Dog

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Poochie is a Black Lab originally from Build-a-Bear!  Like most Black Labs, Poochie is very loyal, only wishing to be loved unconditionally!

Poochie grew up in a family without other siblings and without much fun.  It took us a while to teach Poochie how to enjoy life!  Now romps in the tall grass, lazy days laying by the fire and frequent ball-playing sessions make up the days.

Poochie's favorite food is donut Holes from Dunkin Donuts.  The powder covered type are the best because they leave powdered sugar everywhere, then Poochie can lick it up like a 2nd snack!

Poochie adores belly rubs!!

Poochie is approx. 16 1/2" long.

 *Please note:  "Adoptable Plushies" are not new. All have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have been given spa treatment in preparation for their new home.  Sizes vary and shipping can vary.  Combining clothing purchases and adoptables or multiple items of clothing can save on shipping charges.  If mailing overseas, recipient takes responsibility for any charges, taxes, and custom fees.