Turkey Face Plushie Tshirt or Hoodie

Plushie Wear


Turkey Design can be put on multiple color shirts!! Inquire for color options!

Each Plushie Wear shirt is made to order. No two products are identical due to customization. Options: Hoodie or Tshirt, Vinyl color, Shirt Color (of in stock colors, name added to back of shirt. Options are endless!!

Sizing chart available for measurements. Adult and children size shirts also available.  Inquire for pricing. We will be glad to help you with any sizing questions. Other custom designs available.

Shipping outside US available. When shipping overseas, custom costs, if any, to be paid by purchaser.

Model plushie is not included in tshirt price. However, model plushies are available for adoption through our Adoptable Plushies program. Inquire for adoptable plushies available.