Zizz, Adoptable

Plushie Wear


Zizz is an adorable lemur baby!!!  Zizz has a huge love for peanut butter!!! Reeses peanut butter cup, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter crackers, peanut butter M&Ms.... you get the idea!

Zizz joined us at Plushie Wear Ranch after following Froggie in the woods one day. Froggie would walk and hear little steps behind him. When he turned around, no one was there.  Suddenly after this happened four or five times, Froggie turned to look behind him and when he turned back around, BAM Zizz jumped out in front of him. The rest is history! Now we need to help Zizz find a furever home!!

Zizz is approx. 5 1/2" tall!

 *Please note:  "Adoptable Plushies" are not new. All have been abandoned and need new homes.  They have been given spa treatment in preparation for their new home.  Sizes vary and shipping can vary.  If mailing overseas, recipient takes responsibility for any charges, taxes, and custom fees.